Services Available

Dr. Bartlett researches, develops, designs, and delivers dynamic curriculum content in the area of suicide risk and prevention and resilience according to the content and timing needs of your organization. Below are some presentations that she has developed and delivered to meet the needs of organizations in the past. Email for a personal consultation on what your needs are and how Dr. Bartlett can meet them.


Sample of Keynote, Workshop, and Lecture Titles

  • Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk: Core Competencies for Mental Health Professionals
  • Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention: Putting Preparedness into Action
  • How to Intervene with a Suicidal Person: Engagement and Action Steps
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations when Working with Suicidal Clients
  • Bullycide: What You Need to Know about Bullying, Suicide, and Youth
  • Healing the Hungry Heart: Treating Eating Disorders and Self-Harm
  • Eating Disorders: The Challenge for Mental Health Practitioners
  • Culturally Sensitive Counseling with Suicidal Clients
  • Understanding and Helping a Suicidal Person
  • How to Assess and Assist Suicidal Youth
  • Helping Survivors of Suicide
  • Best Practices when Working with Military Members and Families
  • Leadership and Suicide: Understanding, Helping, and Coping
  • Building Resilient Warriors through Front-Line Leadership
  • Marriage after Combat: The Challenges of Returning Home
  • Suicide Prevention: Building a Resilient Guard Family
  • Suicide Prevention: Saving One Warrior at a Time

Sample of Presentation Lecture Topics

  • Suicide Myths and Facts
  • Defining the Problem of Suicide
  • Understanding the Suicidal Mind
  • Clinical Aspects of Working with Suicidal Clients
  • Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention
  • Risk, Protective, and Warning Signs of Suicide
  • Engaging with a Suicidal Person
  • Depression and Suicide
  • Working with Survivors of Suicide
  • How to Intervene with a Suicidal Person
  • Suicide: Legal, Ethical, and Cultural Considerations
  • Leadership and Suicide
  • Building Resiliency
  • Leadership Resiliency and Self Care
  • Families and Resiliency
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Providing Postvention Assistance
  • Coping with Suicide Loss

Organizations Dr. Bartlett has Worked With

  • The American Counseling Association
  • The Suicide Prevention Resource Center
  • The Department of Defense
  • The United States Army
  • The United States Air Force
  • The Air Force Reserve
  • The National Guard Bureau
  • The Air National Guard
  • The Army National Guard
  • The Alabama Department of Education
  • The Alabama Department of Public Health
  • The Association for Counselor Education and Supervision
  • The Southern Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors
  • Shelby County Sheriff's Office
  • Bessemer District Attorney's Office
  • The United States Air Force Academy
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • The University of Alaska
  • Mercer University
  • Auburn University
  • The University of Montevallo
  • Delta State University
  • Auburn University-Montgomery
  • Troy University
  • Alabama State University
  • The University of Alabama-Birmingham