Dr. Mary Bartlett


The following are comments from participants at events where Dr. Bartlett has appeared:

From Dr. Bartlett's "Working with Suicidal Clients: Prevention and Intervention in Action" presentation, hosted by the University of Alaska-Anchorage Integrated Suicide Prevention Initiative and the Alaska Children Services on Thursday, August 9, 2012:

"Dr. Bartlett's clinical experience enabled her delivery on interventions with suicidal clients in a practical and meaningful manner."

"Despite several Jerry Springer moments, Dr. Bartlett demonstrated skill in management of the workshop with grace."

"By far the best training I've had in working with suicidal clients."

"I attended her workshop last year and was excited that she was returning.  I wasn't disappointed."

From Dr. Bartlett's "Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk: Core Competencies for Mental Health Professionals" presentation, hosted by the Los Angeles Mental Health Department and delivered on Thursday, May 31, 2012:

"Dr. Bartlett is an exceptional trainer!"

"I would recommend any training by Dr. Bartlett to my colleagues."

"This workshop gave me new insights and knowledge about working with suicidal clients."

"Dr. Bartlett is a dynamic speaker, extremely knowledgeable, and passionate about suicide prevention.  Inspiring!" 

From Dr. Bartlett's "Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk: Core Competencies for Mental Health Professionals" presentation, hosted by the Naval Air Station Rota, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, and delivered Friday, December 2, 2011:

"What I like best about her is that she is still practicing!  It comes across in her lectures that she truly cares about her patients, their families, her co-workers, and the profession."

"Dr. Bartlett attended to the students, acknowledged input of particpants, was empathic to their stories and experiences, and weaved in examples to highlight important points."

"She was very enthusiastic and a great resource.  You can tell she is passionate about this and allowed everyone to bounce ideas off her, etc.  Awesome job!"

"Very knowledgable, passionate, and credible."

"Dr. Bartlett was very experienced and has a vast knowledge base when it comes to SI training."

From Dr. Bartlett's "Working with Suicidal Clients

From Dr. Bartlett's "Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk: Core Competencies for Mental Health Professionals" presentation, hosted by the Naval Air Station Pensacola, Pensacola, Florida, and delivered Friday, August 19, 2011:

"Very well presented and organized."

"I appreciated the way Dr. Bartlett challenged us."

"Dr. Bartlett did an excellent job of handling questions and guiding the discussion to fit the audience."

"An effective and compassionate approach."

"Very refreshing to have a provider who has been practicing for years and is client-centered."

From Dr. Bartlett's "Working with Suicidal Clients: Prevention and Intervention in Action" hosted by the University of Alaska-Anchorage and delivered in June 2011:

"I hope she can come again to talk to the school district in Anchorage."

"Very good hearted, compassionate, dynamic presenter."

"Kept me mesmerized the entire day."

"Nice blend of research, case studies, and experiential, with appropriate focus on advocacy."

"Wonderful.  Not the same ol' suicide talk."

From Dr. Bartlett's "Strategic Suicide Prevention: Leading the Way to a Stronger Force" presentation, hosted by the Air Force's Pacific Air Command at Joint Base Pearl Harbor/Hickam Air Force Base and delivered in April 2011:

"Best suicide prevention brief I've received in over 20 years...."

"Mary needs to talk to as many Air Force audiences as possible."

"Mary connected superbly with the audience."

"Wish she could visit every unit; extremely engaging."

"This message needs to get out en masse."

From Dr. Bartlett's "Suicide Prevention: Saving One Student at a Time" presentation, hosted by Homewood City Schools District and delivered in February 2011 at Homewood High School in Homewood, Alabama:

"Lots of very helpful information, organized in an easy way to follow and refer to when necessary."

"Terrific information given with incredible passion."

"Balanced good statistics, research, and clinical information with effective stories and examples."

"Would love for Mary to work with our student peer helpers, she's worth the cost to bring back."

From Dr. Bartlett's "Resiliency and Suicide Reduction: Reaching One Warrior at a Time" presentation, hosted by the Ohio Air National Guard and delivered in February 2011 at Columbus, Ohio:

"Best speaker I've seen."

"Awesome presentation, very informative."

"Dr. Bartlett was very focused and understood her audience."

"Her topics spoke to us at the leadership level and succinctly tied the topics to the mission."

"We have never had anyone speak to us about how to care for the leaders or postvention."

From Dr.
Bartlett's "Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk: Core Competencies for Mental Health Professionals" presentation, hosted by the Alabama Mental Health Authority and delivered in November 2010 at Gulf Shores, Alabama:

"You inspired and helped me regain my passion for the topic.  I admire what you stand for."

"I've learned so much during this training and now believe I have the proper tools I need to assess and treat suicidal clients."

"I enjoyed Dr. Bartlett's energy and respect for this subject.  I'm glad I drove nearly five hours one way for this training.  My time was well spent."

From Dr. Bartlett's "Suicide Prevention: Building a Resilient Guard Family" presentation delivered at the Air National Guard Senior Leadership Conference in Washington DC, November 2010:

"The information and tools that Dr. Bartlett shared are definitely something I will never forget."

"The presentation on suicide prevention was remarkable.  We really need Mary to come lecture in our state family program."

"Dr. Bartlett is a great speaker."

"She was able to dispel myths, provide guidance, and stress the importance of postvention."

From Dr. Bartlett's "Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention: Putting Preparedness into Action" presentation at the National Guard Bureau Volunteer Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, in August 2010:

"Great speaker!  Kept my attention.  A lot of good information, not the cliche stuff we always get.  Please come back next year."

"Very, very good class, extremely informative.  Dr. Bartlett did an incredible job, I loved it."

"Power-packed--outstanding information and education delivery, well done."

"Dr. Bartlett is a true professional with tremendous compassion for others."

"Very passionate about the topic, great energy and dedication.  Loved her enthusiasm for helping and healing."

From Dr. Bartlett's "Clinicial Aspects of Suicide" presentation at Old Dominion University's Counseling Workshop series, Norfolk, Virginia, in June 2009:

"Dr. Bartlett's presentation was the most helpful and informative workshop I have been to."

"What I noticed about her workshop is that she remains aware of the emotionality of the topic and allows for personal processing."

"It was an excellent learning opportunity, Dr. Bartlett was knowledgable and charismatic."

"Dr. Bartlett shared clinical reflections about suicide that, while intense and emotional at times, made the workshop an excellent seminar.  I learned a great deal."

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